Welcome to La Campana Hotel Boutique,

The following are the sanitary COVID-19 guidelines
that will be taking place during your stay.

As soon you arrive to the hotel, please step into the desinfection carpet.

Pour hand sanitizer in your hands.

Your temperature will be taken.

Your luggage will be sanitized.

Tells us your reservation name or code.

Ask for your safety kit (face mask and hand sanitizer).

Ask for your room keys.

If you have any health issue, please inform us immediately in order to assist you.

Remember if you are walking around or using the common areas of the hotel, you have to use your face mask. Wash your hands frequently using soap and water, for at least 20 seconds. Keep social distancing; stay at least 6 feet between yourself and others.

We will give you the wifi internet user and password. We will also give you our Whatsapp cell phone number, which will be one of our communication channels. We will be there for you anytime, ask about anything you might need, tours, breakfast, etc.

Last but not least “Enjoy your stay”.


Taking into account the current COVID-19 pandemic and its implications, our hotel policies will be flexible with the modifications to your reservations. Contact us by phone at +57 4 312 2525, Whatsapp line +57 312 8932501 or via email at reservas@lacampanahotelboutique.com,

ventas@lacampanahotelboutique.com or



Information Coronavirus Colombia


Colombian Ministry of Health


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